AWS SageMaker Complete Course| PyTorch & Tensorflow in NLP | Udemy

AWS SageMaker Complete Course| PyTorch & Tensorflow in NLP | Udemy
English | Size: 2.20 GB
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What you’ll learn
What is SageMaker and Why it is required
SageMaker Architechure
Model Building using existing Docker Image in SageMaker
Model Building using existing algorithm in SageMaker
Model Building using SageMaker Pre-built algorithms
Model Building in Tensorflow/Keras
Model Building in Pytorch
How to deploy the models in SageMaker
How to make predictions from Endpoints
Create complete End-to End machine learning Pipeline Workflow
Real time example of NLP
How to schedule the SageMaker notebook for Retraining
How to Build ,deploy and schedule the Model

This course is complete guide of AWS SageMaker wherein student will learn how to build, deploy SageMaker models by brining on-premises docker container and integrate it to SageMaker. Course will also do deep drive on how to bring your own algorithms in AWS SageMaker Environment. Course will also explain how to use pre-built optimized SageMaker Algorithm.

Course will also do deep drive how to create pipeline and workflow so model could be retrained and scheduled automatically.

This course will give you fair ideas of how to build Transformer framework in Keras for multi class classification use cases. Another way of solving multi class classification by using pre-trained model like Bert .

Both the Deep learning model later encapsulated in Docker in local machine and then later push back to AWS ECR repository.

This course offers:

What is SageMaker and why it is required

SageMaker Machine Learning lifecycle

SageMaker Architecture

SageMaker training techniques:

Bring your own docker container from on premise to SageMaker

Bring your own algorithms from local machine to SageMaker

SageMaker Pre built Algorithm

SageMaker Pipeline development

Schedule the SageMaker Training notebook

More than 5 hour course are provided which helps beginners to excel in SageMaker and will be well versed with build, train and deploy the models in SageMaker

Who this course is for:
Data Engineers or data scientist
Developers who want to start a career in or wants to learn about the exciting domain of Data Science and Machine Learning
Business Analysts who want to apply Data Science to solve business problems
Learn how to build train and deploy it in AWS cloud

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