Arduino for Makers – Only for Makers! | Udemy

Arduino for Makers – Only for Makers! | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
It depends on how well you participate. If you are keen to take the course and familiarize yourself with the topics, you will really understand and be able to apply the following concepts.
After the 1st section you will know what an IMU is, how to use I2C to operate it, how I2C works, what the gyroscope/accelerometer is and what their advantages/disadvantages are, what a complementary filter is and why we need it.
After the 2nd section you will have built your own remote controller, which can control a self-built car with the help of inclination or via a joystick. You will learn what the NRF module is, how to talk to the NRF using the SPI data protocol, how to transfer data between two modules, how to read a joystick and much more.
After the 3rd section you will know what a stepper motor is, how to drive it using a stepper motor driver, how to use register programming to drive digital inputs/outputs, how to use pull up/pull down resistors & how to design a voltage divider circuit to monitor your battery voltage.
After the 4th section you will have built the self-stabilizing robot, which is controllable by the likewise self-built remote control. You will learn what 8/16-bit timers are, how to configure and use them, why we use them, what a P-/PID controller is and how to adjust its parameters.
It’s up to you how much you take away from the course! The more you dig into the topics we cover, the better your understanding will be after the course. 😀

Who this course is for:
You enjoyed your first experiences with the Arduino and now you want to expand your knowledge and skills.
You want to learn how to build a tilt-based remote controller, a RC car, and a RC self-stabilizing robot
You really want to learn something!

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