Apache Kafka & Confluent Cloud Crash Course for Beginners | Udemy

Apache Kafka & Confluent Cloud Crash Course for Beginners | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn about Confluent Cloud Platform
Learn basics of Apache Kafka Architecture
Confluent Cloud CLI
Creating Streams
Using Kafka Connect
How To Connect Existing Projects With Confluent
How To Sink Information From Confluent
Create Basic Kafka Applications
Understanding The Fundamentals of Working in Confluent
Running Projects From The CLI
Understanding How To Tackle Errors Related To Confluent

Welcome to the Confluent Cloud Introductory Course. Confluent employs the use of Apache Kafka to stream events in real-time, which has become a necessity for the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Real-Time Event Streaming is the means through which many companies are making decisions at the right times and are avoiding significant financial losses. We cover the introductory part for each of them with fundamental concepts covered with use case examples. This course is designed for students who are at their initial stage in learning Cloud Computing and Event Streaming and is best suited for those who want to start their career in this area.

This course focuses on what Confluent is and how it can be used to stream events and data in real time. It also includes Practical Hands-On Lab Exercises which cover a major part in Deploying and Orchestrating Applications.

We use a combination of the CMD line /Terminal Interface and Programming to launch any Application of your choice as a Microservice Architecture. The Programming Part mainly includes writing shell Scripts and then using Command Line Commands to execute them and get the results we want.

Even if you don’t have any previous experience using any of these technologies, you will still be able to get 100% of the benefit from this course.

Who this course is for:
Beginners With Basic Knowledge Of Cloud Computing
Those Who Wish To Shift Towards Real Time Data Streaming Projects



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