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Android Development Fundamentals | Cybrary
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Android users dominate the mobile market, so the demand for Android developers is high. This fundamentals of Android app development course will increase a developer’s job prospects and salary.

Course Goals
By the end of the course, students should be able to:

❑ A – Understand the core components that make up an Android App

❑ B – Use the Android studio IDE to develop Android Apps

❑ C – Make use of Android UI elements such as RecyclerView

❑ D – Understand how to use the Android Architectural Components

❑ E – Make a simple App that works with a database

❑ F – Publish an App on the Google Play Store

When walking down the street, it is hard not to spot someone with a mobile phone in hand. While it may seem as if the iPhone, and therefore iOS users dominate the consumer base, it’s actually Google Android that leads the market share.

Total Google Android users squeak by iOS customers, having 51.1 percent of the market, according to Statista. iOS users make up 48.1 percent.

With so many customers using Google Android, for developers, persuing an Android development certification course online could help advance his or her career.

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