Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – Getting Started | Udemy

Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – Getting Started | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
At the end of this course students will be able to connect QuickSight to different data sources and create their own analyses
Students will understand the basic concepts behind QuickSight and its positioning within AWS
Students will be able to dive deeper into QuickSight and feel comfortable in working with the tool and its different functions

Working with modern Business Intelligence tools is exciting. Although the market offers a broad variety of tools, you may not have found the tool that meets all your requirements yet. This course might change that!

In this course, you will learn how to use one of the latest Business Intelligence tools released to the market: Amazon QuickSight, a tool which allows you to easily analyze and visualize data. But what makes QuickSight special? QuickSight is a cloud solution and completely integrated into Amazon Web Services (AWS). With that, it can be easily connected to a broad variety of services and sources which make QuickSight a highly scalable, easy-to-use and very flexible data analysis tool.

This course will give you a first overview of QuickSight including the following topics:

How to use QuickSight and its different functions
Understand the workflow of QuickSight
How to connect QuickSight to different data sources within and outside of AWS
How to prepare your data in QuickSight, for example by adding filters and calculated fields
How to easily create your analysis by building multiple visuals
How to create dashboards and stories
Share your project results with people within and outside your organization
How to use the iOS mobile app
Understand the user management of QuickSight
And more!
These topics will be covered throughout this course, but is this your course?

If you…

… never worked with QuickSight and want to get started with it
… are looking for a cloud based Business Intelligence tool to quickly analyze your data
…have worked with other Business Intelligence tools but want to take a look at new tools
… already worked with AWS and now want to understand how to analyze and visualize your data using a service within the AWS universe
…are generally interested into data analysis
…then this course is made for you!

I would be really happy to welcome you in this course!


Who this course is for:
People who never heard of or worked with QuickSight and who want to get started with the tool
Anybody who is interested into analyzing and visualizing data with modern Business Intelligence tools
People who want to learn how to connect QuickSight to different services within the AWS universe

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