100+ Exercises – Python – Data Science – scikit-learn | Udemy

100+ Exercises – Python – Data Science – scikit-learn | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
solve over 100 exercises in numpy, pandas and scikit-learn
deal with real programming problems in data science
work with documentation and Stack Overflow
guaranteed instructor support

100+ Exercises – Python – Data Science – scikit-learn

Welcome to the course 100+ Exercises – Python – Data Science – scikit-learn where you can test your Python programming skills in machine learning, specifically in scikit-learn package.

Topics you will find in the exercises:

preparing data to machine learning models

working with missing values, SimpleImputer class

classification, regression, clustering


feature extraction

PolynomialFeatures class

LabelEncoder class

OneHotEncoder class

StandardScaler class

dummy encoding

splitting data into train and test set

LogisticRegression class

confusion matrix

classification report

LinearRegression class

MAE – Mean Absolute Error

MSE – Mean Squared Error

sigmoid() function


accuracy score

DecisionTreeClassifier class

GridSearchCV class

RandomForestClassifier class

CountVectorizer class

TfidfVectorizer class

KMeans class

AgglomerativeClustering class

HierarchicalClustering class

DBSCAN class

dimensionality reduction, PCA analysis

Association Rules

LocalOutlierFactor class

IsolationForest class

KNeighborsClassifier class

MultinomialNB class

GradientBoostingRegressor class

This course is designed for people who have basic knowledge in Python, numpy, pandas and scikit-learn. It consists of over 100 exercises with solutions.

This is a great test for people who are learning machine learning and are looking for new challenges. Exercises are also a good test before the interview. Many popular topics were covered in this course.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth taking a step towards Python, don’t hesitate any longer and take the challenge today.

Who this course is for:
everyone who wants to learn by doing
everyone who wants to improve their Python programming skills
everyone who wants to improve their data science skills
everyone who wants to improve their machine learning skills
everyone who wants to prepare for an interview



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