Xfrogs RED SEA DVD Ver. 2

Xfrogs RED SEA DVD Ver. 2
English | Size: 1.42 GB
Category: Tutorial

When You burn it to DVD its 3.5 gb. Uncompressed. It has Maya Max Cinema all the 3d appz. Nice If you into animating an underwater scene. Maya Has paint effects brush but the library is small not as nice as This bunch.

This and all Xfrog Plant Libraries include: * 60 Billboards/Clipmaps are included for single or X poly mapping and great for background elements. * 60 HighQuality Renders with clip/alphamap of every model are included, for painless composition into any background. * 60 High Quality C4D models * 60 High Quality MAYA models * 60 High Quality 3DS MAX models * 60 High Quality LIGHTWAVE models * 60 High Quality VUE D’ESPRIT models * 60 High Quality BRYCE models * 60 High Quality OBJ models * 60 High Quality 3DS models * 60 High Quality XFR models * 120 High Quality textures of leaves and bark and flowers, gathered from actual Plant Species. * An XFR import mesh plugin for Softimage XSI 4.2, C4D, Maya, Lightwave and 3ds max users.

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