Wireshark Network Analysis (Second Edition): The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide

Wireshark Network Analysis (Second Edition): The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide
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Second Edition updates include Wireshark 1.8 features such as packet/trace file annotation, multi-adapter capture, filter expression buttons, profile creation changes, pcap-ng trace file format, time shifting, graph “smoothing” features and more.

This Second Edition also adds to the case studies, details on SSL analysis, IPv6/DHCPv6/ICMPv6 analysis, GeoIPv4/GeoIPv6 configuration step-by-step instructions, examples of Regular Expression-based filters and Snort rule/Wireshark filter examples.

General Book Details:
Wireshark is the world’s most popular network analyzer tool. This book is the ultimate resource on Wireshark which is a MUST HAVE tool used by network IT professionals to troubleshoot, secure and optimize networks. Wireshark is now rated #1 in the Top 100 Network Security Tools by sectools.org. Readers learn to capture wired and wireless traffic, focus on the cause of slow web browsing, identify why applications don’t run properly across the network, locate the cause of poor VoIP call quality, determine why WLANs are plagued with problems and more. The author, Laura Chappell is the founder of Wireshark University and Chappell University and has been analyzing networks for over 20 years – the book is written in a clear manner with hundreds of screenshots for the visual learner. The foreword was written by Gerald Combs, creator of Wireshark. Wireshark Network Analysis covers the test objectives for the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Exam and includes test questions and answers for all topics covered. Filled with 47 real-life case studies, Wireshark Network Analysis takes you inside small, medium and large corporations to see how they solved network problems in a more efficient, accurate way using Wireshark.



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