Windows Process, Threads and Synchronization Concepts – C++ | Udemy

Windows Process, Threads and Synchronization Concepts – C++ | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Windows Basic Concept on Kernel Objects
Memory Management, Process and Threads Practical Understanding
Thread Synchronization (User and Kernel Mode Synchronization concepts)
Practical Implementation understanding for Thread synchronization concepts

In this course we have covered the basics of Windows Programming with sample code to make you comfortable with the Windows synchronization concepts. Also, various other concepts like memory layout etc have been covered in this course.

After attending this course, you will be able to work on Windows Operating System Fundamentals (Like Processes, Kernel Memory, Threads, Kernel Objects etc).

The Objective of this course is to make available all those concepts with code implementation which are usually challenging to understand by many professionals. The concepts related to windows programming in C++ with kernel are really challenging, but with this course, you will find a big sigh of relief.

In this course, under the resources section, we have provided the downloadable code files

You can download them, run yourself on you system to see the code in execution.

Starting from the basics of Windows Programming Like Memory Layout of a process, it covers major concepts related to the windows threading and synchronization.

This course involves the topics like Process, Jobs, Memory Layout, Concept of Heaps, Threads and Thread synchronization objects (Kernel and User mode objects).

The user mode synchronization objects like CRITICAL_SECTION can synchronize the threads in same process.

If you have to synchronize the threads among different processes, then you need to use the Kernel Objects like Mutes, Semaphores, Events etc.

Who this course is for:
This course has been designed for the professionals developing Windows based services, applications where the synchronization if of utmost importance.

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