Windows File System Troubleshooting

Windows File System Troubleshooting
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Windows File System Troubleshooting
by Mike Halsey
Learn how to troubleshoot and repair files, file systems, and permissions problems in Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, like a pro.

1.Course Overview1m 39s
2.Course Introduction1m 51s
3.Module Introduction44s
4.The Windows File and Folder Structure4m 10s
5.Windows System Files and Folders – Part 13m 21s
6.Windows System Files and Folders – Part 23m 6s
7.Critical Windows System Files and Folders3m 57s
8.Software and App Folders2m 9s

9.Summary1m 52s
11.The Different Windows File Systems4m 47s
12.Managing and Repairing Disk Errors4m 57s
13.Using the Windows Disk Management Console4m 16s
14.Diskpart4m 39s
15.Using Safe Mode and Diagnostic Mode3m 43s
16.Starting Windows in the Recovery Console and Command Interface3m 17s
17.Repairing the Windows Boot System2m 25s
18.Creating a New Windows Boot System3m 22s
19.Summary1m 12s
20.Module Introduction42s
21.Managing Users and User Groups in Windows3m 18s
22.Managing Sharing on a PC and a Network4m 3s
23.Understanding File and Folder Permissions2m 28s
24.Setting Basic Permission Types2m 31s
25.Setting Advanced Permission Types2m 15s
26.Configuring and Managing Disk Quotas3m 5s
27.Setting and Managing NTFS Inheritance4m 6s
28.Taking Ownership of Files and Folders3m 40s
29.Auditing File and Folder Permissions3m 41s
30.Universally Resetting Permissions2m 3s
31.Summary1m 3s
32.Introduction1m 4s
33.What Are EFS and Bitlocker?1m 39s
34.Encrypting and Decrypting Files and Folders Using EFS2m 29s
35.Encrypting and Decrypting Files and Folders with Cipher.exe1m 53s
36.Backing up the EFS Encryption Key2m 40s
37.Managing and Importing EFS Keys3m 14s
38.Using Bitlocker Without a TPM Chip2m 19s
39.Preparing, Clearing, and Managing a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)1m 45s
40.Encrypting Drives with Bitlocker2m 52s
41.Encrypting Drives with Bitlocker to Go2m 18s
42.Additional Notes About Using Bitlocker1m 36s
43.Summary1m 21s

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