Web Scraping, API ,Beautiful Soup and Pandas using Python | Udemy

Web Scraping, API ,Beautiful Soup and Pandas using Python | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Scraping of website using API, Beautiful Soup and Pandas
Learn about structure of Web pages and workflow of Scraping
Using Python for structuring data and learning to use Jupiter notebook

Scrape your first web page using Python API ,Beautiful soup and structure the data using Pandas

API Python:

This section help you understand the working on API and how to implement the same using Python.

Here we will learn how to get and post the request using API and implement the same.

Will create a simple currency conversion calculator using JSON.

We will also cover API for website which we need to sign in. We will be using the API keys and ID to login and fetch the details.

We will explain how to structure and export the data in CSV using Pandas.

Web Scraping:

This Section helps you to learn Scraping the data and storing the data in our desired Format.

Here we will have the data scraped and use parsing of data and store it in Pandas for reference.

Helps in Understanding the structure of HTML and Javascript file to parse the data.

2 Projects to Scrape the data and parse them as our wish.

Beautiful Soup:

It is easy to learn and master. for example, if we want to extract all the links from the webpage

It has good comprehensive documentation which helps us to learn the things quickly.

It has good community support to figure out the issues that arise while we are working with this library.

Who this course is for:
Beginners of Python who aspire to learn about web scraping
People aspiring to become Data scientist



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