Web Crawling with Nodejs (H&M, Amazon, LinkedIn, AliExpress) | Udemy

Web Crawling with Nodejs (H&M, Amazon, LinkedIn, AliExpress) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Differences between web crawling and web scraping in Nodejs
The 3 main methods to use in web crawling, and when to use what method!
How to get data from sites like H&M and AliExpress easily and fast using their hidden API’s
How to build a web crawler for server rendered sites like Amazon to crawl all their products
How to build a Puppeteer based web crawler for a site that requires JavaScript like Linkedin

Do you want to build a webcrawler in Nodejs?

In this course you will learn how to build a webcrawler using the newest JavaScript syntax with popular sites like H&M, Amazon, LinkedIn and AliExpress!

You’ll learn how to find hidden API’s on sites like H&M and AliExpress and see how you can even avoid building a web crawler in the first place, you can save a lot of time this way!

Then I show how to build a web crawler for Amazon the test-driven way, by building out tests for the various product page layouts there is on Amazon.

After that we’ll take a look at how to automate login and scraping profiles from LinkedIn using Puppeteer, the automated Chromium browser!

Who this course is for:
Students looking to learn web crawling with Nodejs
Students looking to learn web scraping with Nodejs



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