Warehouse Management System (WMS) – Logistics and Supply Chain | Udemy

Warehouse Management System (WMS) – Logistics and Supply Chain | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Recognize the importance of warehousing in today’s supply chain
Processes at the warehouse range from restocking to dispatch and beyond
Warehouse Management’s Golden Rules
How to choose and use warehouse equipment, such as warehouse management systems, material handling equipment, and storage systems
Warehouses of various types
Process of the Warehouse Management System

Effective warehouse management is the difference between completing client orders promptly and precisely while keeping costs low and hearing complaints about delayed or erroneous shipments and greater operational costs, as any business that stores things in a warehouse knows.

If your company sells products, you’ll need a place to keep them. A fulfillment center, distribution center, or warehouse is the most common location for this. It doesn’t matter if you have the most contemporary, cutting-edge warehouse in the world if it isn’t running efficiently.



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