Vue 360: From Vue Newbie To Impressively Job Ready (Vue 3)

Vue 360: From Vue Newbie To Impressively Job Ready (Vue 3)
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Erik Hanchett is a software developer from Nevada with over 10 years of experience. He’s the author of Vue.js in Action published by Manning and the Ember.js Cookbook

Master Vue.js So You Can Land That Next Job In 6 Weeks (Beginner to Advanced)
Are you stuck making “Hello World” apps in Vue.js?
Hi! I’m Erik Hanchett, a full stack developer, author and super fan of Vue.js, and I want to help you learn Vue.

Everywhere you look people are talking about Vue.js. It has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there. You may have even done a “Hello World” tutorial on it. However, what do you need to know to level up your skills? What might you see in the real world?

That’s where this course comes in. We’ll be looking at Vue.js from the basics of getting started all the way to more intermediate and advanced topics. Including Vuex, getting data from APIs, and Vue 3.

Vue 3 is shifting the way we create Vue applications. It’s a must have as your Vue.js grow. If you’re creating Vue apps in 2020 you need to know Vue 3 and this course will get you there!

In this course we’ll be diving into the Vue.js deep end. We’ll have weekly checkins and question and answers live sessions where you can get the help you need! We are condensing a year’s worth of material into 6 weeks! By the end of it all you’ll be ready to take on any Vue role

Table of Contents
1 Tools You Need To Get Started
2 Overview of where to find the code
3 What Is Vue?
4 Starting With Vue – Hello World
5 Vue CLI – How To Use It
6 Learning the Vue Lifecycles
7 Directives and Expressions
8 Directives – v-on and v-show
9 Conditionals
10 Loops
11 Forms Information
12 Final Weekly Project – Twitter Clone
13 (February Class) My Twitter Clone Solution – Live Q & A
14 (May Class) My Twitter Clone Solution – LIve Q & A
15 Week 2 – What To Expect!
16 Computed Properties
17 Watchers
18 Introduction To Components
19 Props
20 Working With Custom Events
21 Routing
22 Code Splitting
23 Async Components
24 Dynamic Components
25 Finally Weekly Project – Commercial Store Front /Todo app
26 (February Class) Commercial Store Front End App – Live Weekly Q&A
27 LIve Q&A Call Week 2 (May Class)
28 Week3 – What to expect
29 Named Slots
30 Scoped Slots
31 Vuex
32 Vuex Helpers
33 Vuex Modules
34 Mixins
35 Introduction to Nuxt
36 APIs (this.$el, this.$ref)
37 Transitions + Animations
38 February and May Final Weekly Project – Quiz App
39 (February Class) Quiz App Front End App – Live Weekly Q&A
40 Live Q&A Weekly Call May 2020
41 Week 4 – What to expect
42 Render Functions
43 Render Functions Components
44 Renderless Functions
45 Renderless Functions Traffic Light
46 Axios JSON Placeholder API
47 API WIth Vuex Store
48 Guards and Authentication
49 Deployment (old)
50 TypeScript Classes
51 TypeScript Extend
52 Sync
53 February and May Final Weekly Project – Joke Creator – Expense App – Dashboard App
54 (February Class) Jokes App / Expense App – Live Weekly Call
55 Live Q&A Weekly Call May Class 2020
56 Week 5 – What to expect
57 Vue 3 Feature Overview
58 Composition API
59 Composition API Computed Property + Watcher
60 Suspense
61 Upgrading to Vue 3 from Vue 2
62 Boiler Enterprise Apps
63 Vue Ecosystem Overview
64 Project
65 (February Class) Composition API / Weekly Final Call
66 (May Class) Weekly Q&A Call
67 Vite
68 Taildwind CSS
69 Vuetify
70 Nuxt.js Content
71 Quasar
72 Thanks!
73 Week 6 Live Q&A Call

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