VTC – C++ Tutorials

VTC - C++ Tutorials
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C++ is a mid-level programming language that can interact directly with a computer’s hardware or operating system while also being able to abstract lower layers and behave like a powerful high-level language. Object-oriented programming, portability, brevity, modular code structure, performance, and compatibility with the C language provide a unique mix of power and functionality. In this VTC course, Mark Long will introduce you to the C++ language and demonstrate how to begin to program and understand C++. Work files are included.

Welcome (01:08)
Course Overview (04:23)
Why C++? (04:06)
History of C++ (06:05)
Development Options (06:23)
Maintaining the Standard (04:38)
Getting Visual C++ 2010 Express (03:37)
Other IDEs (05:23)
ANSI Standards (04:15)
Using Visual C++ Express
Visual C++ 2010 Express Tour (05:52)
Understanding Solutions & Projects pt. 1 (04:33)
Understanding Solutions & Projects pt. 2 (03:36)
Line Numbers (03:31)
Collapse & Expand Code (02:52)
Using Code Snippets (03:30)
C++ Essentials
C++ or C++ / CLI pt. 1 (03:44)
C++ or C++ / CLI pt. 2 (04:48)
C++ Options (06:15)
C++ Program Structure (03:40)
C++ Program Diagram (04:54)
Whitespace & Comments (06:33)
Statement Blocks (03:01)
Writing C++ Programs (03:58)
Writing ISO / IEC C++ (06:50)
Writing C++ / CLI (06:45)
Windows C++ (04:48)
C++ Programming Basics
Variables (05:35)
Integer Type Modifiers (03:58)
Constants (03:17)
Declaring Variables & Constants (04:49)
Data Types pt. 1 (04:32)
Data Types pt. 2 (05:35)
Assignment (03:11)
Increment & Decrement Operators pt. 1 (03:53)
Increment & Decrement Operators pt. 2 (06:39)
Calculation Sequence (06:26)
Type Conversion pt. 1 (05:08)
Type Conversion pt. 2 (05:28)
Discovering Types (02:00)
Discovering Types Example (06:32)
The Auto Type (02:29)
…and more.

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