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Visualizing Data Using Stata | Packt
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Understand how to visualize group differences in a single variable
Produce graphs that help you understand the association between two variables
Investigate whether the distribution of a variable is symmetric or whether it follows a normal distribution
Visualize group differences when more than one group division is involved
Customize how the graphs look with the two-way command
This course introduces you to the graphical capabilities of Stata. It is designed to guide you through the logic of extracting meaning from datasets using visualization tools. This is accomplished by using a single dataset from the start of the course up until the very end.

You will get up to speed with histograms, quantile plots, and symmetry plots, and even understand how to use these tools to investigate whether group differences exist. The course then introduces you to bar graphs, box plots, and dot plots, and demonstrates how these graphs can be used to study differences in groups that are divided along more than one dimension. You will later learn how to decide which type of plot is best suited for your needs. Finally, the course will get you hands-on with producing graphs that describe the relationship between two variables. All along, you will explore how to customize the colors and shapes used in the graphs.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to effectively visualize data using Stata.

All the codes and supporting files for this course will be available at-

Use the if qualifier with the two way command
Customize the look and feel of univariate data graphs

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