Vector Art Mega 3 Collection

Vector Art Mega 3 Collection
English | Size: 211 MB
Category: Tutorial

Unlike other "clipart" bundles, Vector Art is created by some of the best sign and vehicle graphic artists in the world. This original artwork is scanned, vectorized and painstakingly "cleaned up" by our editors and then expertly formatted for trouble free import to sign and graphics programs.

Every Vector Art image is composed of perfect, closed vector paths. None of the paths cross or intersect, and all paths are on the same, single layer. Vector Art will cut and weed perfectly in vinyl, can be easily color filled for large format printing and will provide spectacular results for routing and engraving. Perfect results first time… every time. It’s guaranteed!

Mega 3 Collection contains 6117 Images
Ornament (623 Images)
Borders (182 Images)
Cartoons (338 Images)
Hand Lettered Alphabets (390 Images)
Special Occasions (572 Images)
Illustrations (2,748 Images)
Sign and Lettering Concepts (666 Images)
Occupations (338 Images)
Vehicle Graphics (156 Images)
Great American Pinstriping (104 Images)

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