[UNREAL] WeaponMaster 1.1 Beta 2.1 VR

[UNREAL] WeaponMaster 1.1 Beta 2.1 VR
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At its core Weapon Master VR is designed to be complex yet easy to use blueprint weapon system that will help you jump start your Unreal Engine 4 VR game development. A product of over 300 hours of development, Weapon Master gives you access to an ever growing feature set that is both powerful and easily extendable. Creating objects to pick up and interact with is as easy as providing a mesh and extending the appropriate class, or if you are looking for more "turn key" solutions Weapon Master, as of Version 1.0, has four ready to use weapon types including magazine firearms, and the bow and arrow. Along with an intuitive inventory system, and roomscale ready locomotion, we hope the full gamut of features in Weapon Master helps you achieve the UE4 based game you wish to create.

Over time we hope to grow Weapon Master VR into the most comprehensive VR weapon system available for Unreal Engine 4.

VR Character – Class that handles all interaction, and works as both an ammo repository and an inventory.
Traditional Locomotion – Traditional locomotion with collision that works regardless of where you stand in the roomscale playspace.
Directional Teleportation – A comfort mode that allows teleportation similar to traditional movement but without possible nausea.
Static Mesh Pickup – Class that can be extended to pick up a static mesh.
Skeletal Mesh Pickup – Class that can be extended to pick up a skeletal mesh.
Basic Firearms – Simple guns that function more like weapons in traditional games and use traditional ammo handling (Pistol and Assault Rifle included).
Magazine Firearms – Advanced Firearms that use external or internal magazines and feature fully interactive weapon handling (Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Shotgun included!).
Attachment System 1.0 – Firearms can attach scopes, iron sights, and flashlights to guns set to accept them. Guns can even be set to spawn with attachments (ACOG Scope, Ironsight, canted Ironsight, and flashlight attachments included!).
Recoil – All firearms have fully adjustable per shot recoil.
Bloom – All firearms have fully adjustable per shot inaccuracy.
Stabilization system – Use your off hand to stabilize the weapon and reduce recoil.
Two Handed Aim – Use your left hand to help aim long guns.
Bullet System – Both hitscan and projectile bullets (Can be bypassed to us a third party system if desired).
Effects system – Create arrays of hit effects, hit sounds and bullet decals and let the system spawn them randomly on hit.
Bow and arrow – simple bow and arrow system.
Sounds – demo sounds for weapons.
Test AI – Simple wander and attack test AI with zombie character.
Zombie Wave Example Level – Level that shows everything off in a game like setting.
Shooting Range Test Level – Level that works as test range for weapons and features.

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