Understanding Linux Kernel Internal | Udemy

Understanding Linux Kernel Internal | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Students will have very good understanding of Linux Kernel Internals
Process Management
Process Scheduling
Interrupt Handling
Kernel Synchronizatins
and many more

This training is designed for the professionals and Students who wants to understand the working of Linux Kernel . This Training will give you good insight of different Sub systems of Linux Kernel like Process Management , Process Scheduling , Interrupt handling and many more .

Below are the course Agenda

Process Management

Process and Thread

Linux Kernel Process Stack
Need of Thread info Structure
Process Descriptor
Creation of Process
Difference Between Process and Thread

Process Scheduling

Linux Kernel Process Scheduling
Preemptive vs Cooperative Scheduling
Priority value and Niche Value
Different Scheduling Classes in Linux Kernel
Red Black Tree

System Calls

what are Syscalls
What is the need of Syscalls
How Syscalls are implemented

Interrupt Handling

Introduction to Interrupt

How interrupt is handled in Linux Kernel
Registering Interrupt handling in Linux Kernel
How to write a interrupt handler

Top Halves versus Bottom Halves


What is race condition
critical section

Synchronization Techniques
Spinlock and many other synchronization methods

Who this course is for:

Students and professional who is willing to make a career in Linux internals and operating system.

Linux enthusiastic who would like to see what is going on in kernel level either due to hobby or curiosity and wanted to build a career out of it

Students who wanted to understand the kernel of other operating system but couldn’t do so because of closed source, can learn linux and apply the almost similar concept in other OS

Who this course is for:
College Graduates or professional who wants to upskills there knowledge in Embedded Systems



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