Understanding and Designing AWS Outposts | Udemy

Understanding and Designing AWS Outposts | Udemy [Update 11/2021]
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What you’ll learn
Understand basic AWS Outposts Security concepts
Learn how Outposts communicates with an AWS region over a wide area network
Use the Outposts Local Gateway to communicate with on premises workloads and to configure local egress
Understand the Security model of Outposts and how it protects data-at-rest and data-in-transit
Learn how to create highly-available AWS Outposts deployments

Are you looking for AWS Outposts Training? Do you want to learn from an experienced trainer who makes complex concepts simple and easy to understand?

I am a Cloud Computing Instructor who has taught thousands of hours of live training directly for AWS and VMware. Most lectures in this course are 5 – 15 minutes long. A few deeper topics are slightly longer. This course gives you a complete understanding of AWS Outposts concepts. So join me in becoming an Outposts Guru today!

AWS Outposts provide you with the ability to run AWS Cloud workloads in your own datacenter. This process involves many design considerations and can be complex. This course is designed to help you understand all of the concepts behind Outposts. We’ll start at the very beginning, and learn what Outposts can do for you. If you have AWS experience, many of the concepts that you learn will not be new to you.

We’ll learn about the networking requirements for Outposts and some of the best practices for connectivity. We will dig deep into the routing functions out Outposts and how it can connect to workloads in the on-premesis datacenter. We will also examine how to leverage native AWS cloud services from you Outposts deployment.

We will also take a close look at how to design the Compute and Storage resources intelligently. All of these lessons will have an emphasis on security, as well as an in-depth look at how to design for data protection and fault tolerance.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who needs to understand AWS Outposts



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