UltimateCourses – HTML + CSS Basics

UltimateCourses – HTML + CSS Basics
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Learn the essentials of HTML + CSS for your day-to-day front-end development.
What you’ll learn
The missing HTML and CSS introductory course. Learn HTML and semantic markup from the absolute beginning and master the core essentials of what a CSS developer needs to know to start building real websites, apps and beyond.

Any coding experience
Perfect for beginners

The Missing Introduction to HTML & CSS
HTML Syntax
Page Structure
Head Information
Heading Elements
Paragraphs & Text
List Elements
Anchor Element
Button Element
Image Element
Header Element
Footer Element
Navigation Element
Article Element
Section & Div Elements
Main & Aside Elements
Figure Element
Form Element
Input Element
Input Types
Select & Textarea Elements
Submitting a Form
Video Element
Audio Element
Picture Element
Project Introduction
Setup the Page Structure
Creating the Header
Creating the Footer
Adding the Articles
Setup the Landing Page
The Article Thumbnail List
Adding a Newsletter Signup
CSS Syntax
Style vs File
Border Property
Color Values
Background Property
Border-radius Property
Box-shadow Property
Importing Fonts
Text Styling
Display Types
Margin & Padding Properties
Unit Values
Width & Height Properties
Box-sizing Property
Float Property
Layout with Flexbox
Layout with Grid
Project Setup
Defining the Base Styles
Defining the Common Styles
Styling the Header
Styling the Footer
Styling the Article Page
Styling the Landing Page
Styling the Newsletter Sign-up

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