Ultimate Service With Kubernetes Version 2.0 | Ardan Labs

Ultimate Service With Kubernetes Version 2.0 | Ardan Labs
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This Updated class teaches how to build production-level services in Go with a focus on macro-level engineering decisions. From the beginning you will pair program with the instructor, walking through the design philosophies and guidelines used to engineer the code.

From the beginning you will pair program with the instructor, walking through the design philosophies and guidelines used to engineer the code. With each new feature, you will learn more about the transition from programming to engineering and the points of refactoring required to write production level applications. Throughout the class, Go modules and Kubernetes will be a focus. Everyone will be making better engineering decisions after this class.

The class goes beyond just the use of the http package and focuses on building CRUD based services with logging, observability and debugging. The class also teaches POD architectures, Docker and cloud deployment. We believe this class is perfect for anyone wishing to build production ready, scalable, fast, and highly concurrent web services in Go.

Table of Contents
1.1: Macro-Level Engineering
2.1: Module Mirrors
2.2: MVS Algorithm
2.3: Checksum Database
2.4: Major Version Imports
2.5: Vendoring
3.1: Introduction
3.2: Logging
3.3: Configuration
3.4: Debugging / Metrics
3.5: Shutdown Signaling
4.1: Handlers Package
4.2: Readiness Handler
5.1: Custom Handler
5.2: Gathering Trace Information
5.3: Middleware
5.4: Error Handling
5.5: Sending Responses
5.6: Handling Requests
6.1: Logging
6.2: Error Handling
6.3: Panic Handling
6.4: Metrics
7.1: Understanding JWT
7.2: Private/Public Keys
7.3: Basic JWT generation
7.4: Auth Package
7.5: Testing Auth Package
7.6: Auth Middleware
8.1: Installation
8.2: Clusters & Pods
8.3: Build Service Image
8.4: Configure K8s
8.5: Liveness Probe
9.1: Database Package
9.2: Application Integration
9.3: Schema
10.1: User Package
10.2: Business CRUD API
10.3: Testting Support: Docker
10.4: Testting Support: Unit
10.5: Writing / Running Tests
11.1: Bind Handlers
11.2: Writing Handlers
11.3: Integration Test Support
11.4: Writing Integration Tests
12.1: Running the project
13.1: Web framework support
13.2: Apply Trace code



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