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Ultimate Physics Tutor
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Anyone can master Physics. Anyone. The concepts are very simple but many students find them to be hard because many times the student is pushed ahead to more complex topics before mastering the core concepts. Soon the student is completely lost.

The main reason that physics seems hard for students is because it is the first class where they are expected to read a word problem, use equations that have been taught, and use all of the tools of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus to solve the problem without being told exactly what steps to take. In other words, the student is expected to use all previously taught concepts in algebra and beyond to find the answer.

The only way to get good at this process is to practice many, many physics problems. In this way, the student gets an intuitive feel for how to set a problem up and how to solve it. It takes time for this skill to develop and this is the central way in which all topics are taught in this Physics Course.

Every topic is taught by working example problems step-by-step, and all steps are shown so that the student completely understands how to get the answer. As the lesson progresses, the problems get more challenging and the student begins to gain confidence in his or her skills. In this way, the student only progresses to the next topic when the previous one has been mastered by working actual problems. Homework then becomes easier and exams aren’t stressful.

Our courses provide the practice necessary to excel in Physics!

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