UKTV – The Great War in Numbers (2017)

UKTV – The Great War in Numbers (2017)
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Explores the First World War through numbers.

1. Men on the March
Look at the growth of empires in the years leading up to 1914 and the fatal first shot.

2. Weapons of War
The development of new weapons technology, with a look at how machine guns completely changed the nature of warfare and the increased use of planes and U-boats.

3. Descent Into Hell
The key events of 1916, examining the unprecedented levels of recruitment by both sides, and the thousands of deaths in the battles of Verdun and the Jutland Peninsula.

4. The Home Front
How the First World War transformed life on the home front, from a greater number of women in the workplace to increased government interference in everyday life.

5. Total War
Examining the use of forced labour to build weapons and vehicles for the German army, the downfall of the last Russian tsar, and the construction of the Hindenburg Line.

6. Endgame
The impact of Russia pulling out of the war, only for the US to join soon afterwards, and the events in the aftermath that contributed to the Second World War.

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