[UE4] [4.17] Birds

[UE4] [4.17] Birds
English | Size: 830.0MB
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These Birds will walk and hop to random Ground Targets taking breaks to feed. They will run away from the player, and if you get too close they will fly away. Once in the air they will fly to random Sky Targets (for an adjustable amount of time) after which they will return to the ground. Birds also now comes with Perching behavior. Easy setup, just drag some Sky Targets, Perch Targets and Ground Targets into your level, and the birds will take care of the rest. You can also play as a bird with all walking and flying functionality.

Birds v2.5 Includes:
• (2) rigged and animated Bird skeletal meshes (Crow, and Seagull)
• (38) Animations
• (6) Animation Blueprints
• (12) Character Blueprints with 3 Parent Classes
• (2) Game modes (Play as the Default character, and Play as a Bird)
• (7) sample Maps to show the different bird behaviors
• High resolution textures (4K) and materials
• Physics Assets
• LOD’s
• Single trace obstacle avoidance

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