Udemy – Youtube SEO Course – How TO Rank #1 On YouTube in 2022

Udemy – Youtube SEO Course – How TO Rank #1 On YouTube in 2022
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Youtube SEO Course:How TO Rank #1 On YouTube in 2022. Proven YouTube SEO Secrets & How to Rank YouTube Videos To #1. Master YouTube Marketing | Live Demos & Guides In Course


Do You Know YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

Every day more and more of people and companies are using YouTube to share their ideas, their brands and products and their passion or vlogs.

It’s a proven fact that using YouTube can revolutionize the way that you interact with your followers and can help you to exponentially grow your audience reaching thousand of people every day.

But, with all this competition, how do optimize your YouTube Videos to Rank Higher How you can show your passion to users ?

As You All Know in 2018 YouTube Change Its Algorithm of ranking videos and also have many updates in their policies . I will Teach You How You Can grow And optimize Your YouTube Channel In 2022 With Simple Steps of YouTube SEO.

How you can improve your YouTube Channel so when people search for a specific keyword or idea, your video comes first?
What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?

Not having an optimized YouTube Channel will cause you to lose potential views, likes, and subscribers.
A Super Optimized YouTube Video have the potential to reach millions of people, that right now, are looking for your products and ideas.

In this course, you will learn a proven step by step strategy, that you can implement right now, to rank your videos on the first page of YouTube in 2021.

You will learn in this course how you can do keyword research and how you can validate which keyword is best for you and which is not ?
And you will learn how to target specific keywords, so when a user search on YouTube, your video comes first on the results.

You will also learn, how to create stunning YouTube Thumbnails that will draw the attention of your viewers.And Learn how to do basic SEO for your thumbnails

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