Udemy – Web Scraping 101 with Python3 using REQUESTS, LXML & SPLASH 2020-3

Udemy – Web Scraping 101 with Python3 using REQUESTS, LXML & SPLASH 2020-3 [AhLaN]
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I’m Ahmed Rafik, I’m a self-taught developer & an online teacher on Udemy. I’ve helped thousands of people learning web scraping with Python using different tools such as Scrapy, Splash & Selenium.

As a self-taught developer, I found myself jumping between different tutorials and (e-)books trying to understand how things can work out together, I was literally wasting so much time trying to connect the dots rather than learning how to code and over time this has become so overwhelming with lots of things to learn and to connect.

I believe coding should be easy for everyone but this also requires you to choose the right instructor with the right knowledge.

In my courses, I’m gonna teach you the skills you need to start your web scraping career from the get-go with no fluff. I try as much as possible to avoid the boring theoretical explanations unless it’s necessary, I always keep my courses up to date and that’s what helped me to have the highest-rated and the best selling web scraping courses on Udemy.

I can’t wait to see you enrolled in one of my courses, I’ll make sure to be there for you on every step you make and answer any questions you have.

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