Udemy – Redis Worlds Fastest Database Bookware

Udemy – Redis Worlds Fastest Database Bookware-TUTOR
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Deep dive into Redis Database
Installing Redis on online/offline mode
Redis Performance Benchmarking
Redis persistence configuration – Backup and Restore using RDB and AOF
Writing Python Program to Interact with Redis
Writing Different Datasets to Redis
Understanding TTL (Time to Live) or Key Expiry in Redis
Creating and using counters
Deep Dive in String, Lists and Hashes type operation
Creating a subset from a bigger set Redis
Setting up Redis Replication (Master + Slave) – Development or Demo Scenario

Redis Replication Production Setup using Dedicated Master and Slave Servers. Performing
a Failover when Master Server is down from non-recoverable issue. Setting up new master
on the fly and pointing slave to this new master server

Redis High Availability in Production with Sentinels on Three Servers (Automatic Failover): M E T A: Type: Video Training
Genre: Bookware
Disks: 47
URL: www.udemy.com/course/redis-latest/
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B) Load up the tutorial, and expand your knowledge
C) Sit back, and enjoy!: J O I N: FIND US, HELP US, JOIN US!

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