Udemy – Linux Command Line Tutorial (Learn Linux Basics)

Udemy – Linux Command Line Tutorial (Learn Linux Basics)
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Shell is known as a command line or command line translator that translates commands you make to the operating system in its own language, in fact, Shell is a program that has an interface between the kernel and the hardware as well as the interface layer Our user interface is also the core of the operating system. There are all kinds of Shell in the Linux operating system, but Bourne Again Shell or BASH is one of the newest, most up-to-date and most advanced shells that are used today, and is the default on most Linux distributions; this shell has a lot of commands and It has a variety of features that you can easily use with other applications. BASH offers you complete control over the operating system, especially since you can have complete control over the programs running through this shell. Every program running in BASH is known as an Job. When a Job runs and starts, it places itself on a Terminal, a Terminal can be a text or text file interface, or a Teminal window that opens on the Windows X Windows page. Text terminals in Linux are referred to as Straight-Text or Tty, and terminals that are opened by Windows X are pseudo-terminal or pty.
During the training the Udemy Linux Command Line Tutorial (Learn Linux Basics) is Mqzmaty how programming in the Linux command line, you know BASH Shell.
Course syllabus for teaching the Linux Command Line Tutorial Udemy (Learn Linux Basics):
– Introduction and Preparation
– Install Ubuntu using VMware (optional)
– Basic Techniques command line



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