Udemy – Kotlin Programming Language Beginner to Advanced Level

Udemy – Kotlin Programming Language Beginner to Advanced Level
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Kottelin is a static type of programming language running on a Java virtual machine. It can also be compiled into javascript source code. The first developer is the team of developers of JetBrains located in St. Petersburg, Russia (this name comes from the Kotlin Island near St. Petersburg). Kotlin was selected as the language of the month in January 2012. Although the syntax is not compatible with Java, Java code Kvtlyn designed to work with the Mac Erie, and relies on Java code from bookJava class is a Java class, like a set of frameworks. Similar to Pascal, Haxe, PL / SQL, F #, Go, and Scala (unlike C and its derivative languages ​​like C ++, Java, C #, and D), Kottel’s variable declarations, and the parameter of the list are of type that after The name of the variable comes with (with a large separator). Like other modern languages, such as Scala and Groovy, toxic culls are optional as terminations. In most cases, a new line for the compiler is enough to infer that the phrase is over.
During the Udemy Kotlin Programming Language: Beginner to Advanced Level with teaching basic to advanced programming language Kvtlyn you know.

Heading periodic training of Udemy Kotlin Programming Language: Beginner to Advanced Level:
– Introduction
– Installing the software on Windows and Mac
– the first application Kotlin in Intellij IDEA
– Tour Kotal: Basics and Syntax
– Data Types Kotlin: variables and constants display
– limits and string patterns
– a statement of the conditions and terms
– rings Kvtlyn
– functions in Kvtlyn
– programmable object oriented (OOP) in Kotlin
– interoperability and NULL Pointer Exception
– packaging and imports
– to continue programming object-oriented ( OOP)
– Companion objects and objects
– Higher order functions and Lambda: Kotlin as a functional programming language
– Collections: Arrays, Lists, Collections, and Maps
– Practical Use of Lambda in Collection
– Generics
– Enum, Nested, Inner, and Sealed Classes
– Properties and Fields
– Agents: Code Zero Boilerplate
– Kotlin Coroutines
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What Will I Learn?
Learn kotlin from scratch
Make yourself ready for jvm, android, browser, or native development
Want to become an android app developer or develop your own applications using Kotlin? Then, this course is for you. Moreover, you are a few steps ahead if you already know Java. After completing this course you will be ready to build applications for android.
Concept of OOPS in Kotlin, as well as other languages ​​like Java, C ++, PHP, C #, Scala, or Swift
You do not need programming skills, we will start from scratch, heading to middle, and then to advanced topics.
Microsoft Windows / Linux / Mac running OS.
JDK + IntelliJ IDEA. We will install JDK + IntelliJ with each step explained and shown.
>> Develop skills in Kotlin from scratch, become a developer and explore the world of software development.
>> Expand your expertise as a JVM / Android / Browser / Native Developer and improve your quality code!
>> Write less number of code and get more output.
>> No more null pointer Exceptions and Bootplate code.
We will begin with the very basics and step into the intermediate and advanced level so that the beginners get a good grab over the language.

– Introduction
– Software Installation on Windows and Mac
– First Kotlin Program in Intellij IDEA
– Kotlin Tour: Basics and Syntax
– Kotlin Data Types: Variables and Constants
– Ranges and String Templates
– Conditional Statements and Expressions
– Kotlin Loops
– Functions in Kotlin
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Kotlin
– Interoperability and NULL Pointer Exception
– Packages and Imports
– Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Continues
– Objects and Companion Objects
– Higher-Order Functions and Lambda: Kotlin as a Functional Programming Language
– Collections: Arrays , List, Set, and Map
– Practical Usage of Lambda in Collections
– Generics
– Enum, Nested, Inner, and Sealed Classes
– Properties and Fields
– Delegation: Zero Boilerplate Code
– Kotlin Coroutines

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