Udemy – FreeRTOS On ESP32 Lessons

Udemy – FreeRTOS On ESP32 Lessons
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Study FreeRTOS In Detail

What you’ll learn
freeRTOS task create, delete, input parameter, priority, suspend and resume
freeRTOS queue delivery data, queue multiple in single out mode, queue set, queue mailbox,
freeRTOS software timer
freeRTOS binary semaphore and count semaphore
freeRTOS mutex and recursive mutex
freeRTOS event group wait and event group sync
freeRTOS notify sync and notify value
freeRTOS watch dog

Basic c knowledge
one esp32c3 board or other similar board

The first question for the freeRTOS on ESP32 lessons is why we need to study freeRTOS. The most important reasons are probably as follows

(1) First, it is totally free and open source. You no need to pay any fee for using it in your any projects. And you can get all the source code from it’s official website;

(2) Second, it is a “RTOS”. “RTOS” means “real time operating system”. It can processes data and events that have critically defined time constraints.

(3) Third, it is very tiny and simple. The kernel resource files are only three c files. It is very fit for microcontroller which has limited ram or rom.

(4) Forth, it is well supported. It has been porting on lots of platform, even including xilinx FPGA.

The second question is why we study freeRTOS based on ESP32?

(1) The first reason is the original SDK software of ESP32 is using the freeRTOS as its operation system. We no need to port it again. We will have a very stable platform to study all kinds of software features of the freeRTOS.

(2) ESP32 is a very wonderful chip. It has internal flash and sram. It has the wifi and bluetooth function on the same chip. The wifi and bluetooth is a critical function for the “internet things” application. It also has other powerful peripheral interfaces, such as, I2C, SPI, I2S, UART, ADC, DAC, RTC, USB etc.

(3) It also has a very small package size and very low price compared with other similar function chips. It is very easy to DIY products by hobbyist.

Who this course is for
the person who is interested in freeRTOS and ESP32

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