Udemy – Excel VBA The Beginner’s Blueprint to Programming Excel VBA

Udemy – Excel VBA The Beginner’s Blueprint to Programming Excel VBA
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What Will I Learn?

UNDERSTAND why you would want to use VBA in Excel
KNOW the difference between Macros and VBA
CREATE Macros in Excel
MODIFY your Macros
NAVIGATE comfortably in the Visual Basic Editor
LEARN the essentials of writing Excel VBA code

MODIFY your Workbooks using VBA
CREATE Decision Structures in your VBA code
LOOP your VBA code to have it run more than once
CREATE user interaction dialog boxes, like Message Boxes, and Input Boxes
CREATE User Forms from scratch
DEBUG your VBA code
LEARN how to handle errors
CREATE New Worksheet Functions


Become an Excel Programmer and You Can Finally Put Your Work On Autopilot!

This is a VBA beginner’s course that will get you on the road to being in that elite group of VBA programmers.

Learning to program can seem daunting at first, but I’m going to make it as easy as possible.

With that said, VBA is a huge topic, and yes, there are a lot of lectures in this course.

But don’t stress out.

What I do go over will get you from, "I don’t even like looking at VBA", to, "I can do this!"

NOTE: There are multiple ways to get the same result in VBA.

So the way I write a procedure or two might be slightly different than your co-workers code, or yours, and that’s O.K.

If you’re ready to cut your workload, automate your tasks, and learn a desirable skill while your at it, click the Take This Course button on the top right, and I will help start programming your Excel workbooks with VBA.

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