Udemy – Configuring Kubernetes for Reliability with LitmusChaos

Udemy – Configuring Kubernetes for Reliability with LitmusChaos
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Build Kubernetes-native Resilient Microservices and Reliability Pipelines (LitmusChaos, Argo Workflows, Terraform, Helm)
This course is for DevOps engineers and SRE-s who want to configure Kubernetes for RELIABILITY. In particular, for highly Resilient Microservices and for Reliability Pipelines in their CI/CD.

The primary technologies used in the course are LitmusChaos, Argo Workflows, Terraform, Helm and Jenkins automation server.

This course consists of guided labs on Amazon EKS with explanations and corresponding quizzes:

An introductory case study demonstrating a simple resilience improvement: add more microservice replicas, verify with LitmusChaos

Numerous advanced case studies, for example about achieving zero-downtime of microservices on cost-efficient EC2 Spot Instances

Resources included

All the Reliability Pipelines and Experiments (LitmusChaos, Argo Workflows)

Full Terraform and Helm definitions of the Amazon EKS cluster with system Charts and Microservices

Universal “DevOps Tools” Docker container with Terraform, Helm, kubectl, AWS CLI, etc.

At the end of our course, students will be able to:

Build Reliability Pipelines with CNCF LitmusChaos and Argo Workflows to continuously ensure reliability of their systems

Configure Kubernetes for Resilient Microservices with Cluster Autoscaler, Node Termination Handler, Descheduler and Overprovisioning

Deploy Amazon EKS clusters with Microservices in AWS Cloud using Terraform and Helm 3

Leverage AWS Spot instances which are times cheaper than regular EC2 ones, while achieving zero-downtime

Course prerequisites

Students are expected to have some basic knowledge in Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Docker, and AWS before starting this course. They are welcome to complete corresponding introductory tutorials online on their own, if some of the listed technologies are completely new for them.
Who this course is for:

DevOps engineers and SRE-s who want to configure Kubernetes for RELIABILITY. In particular, for highly Resilient Microservices and for Reliability Pipelines in their CI/CD.

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