Udemy – Code Organization and Readability for the Self-taught Coder

Udemy – Code Organization and Readability for the Self-taught Coder
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Learn how to organize the code of any software project so you will not get lost in your own code. Learn readable code good practices so you can produce clean, easy to understand code.

You learned a programming language syntax and want to build a great software project and are staring at your screen. Where and how do you start?

How to establish your projects’ features?
How to turn them into code?
How to organize the flow of your program?
How to create your folders and files structure?
How to write clean code you can be proud about?

This course is not like usual beginners course. I will not rehearse what are variables, loops, classes, and functions. Instead, I will teach you a systematic method to make use of all these code structures to organize the code of any software project. This course might be your first step into the ‘craft’ aspect of programming.

Course overview
We will start at the beginning and explore a bit of programming history. Back in the late 70s, we will see the early attempts at solving the code organization problem and how it has evolved to today’s paradigm. This is a unique opportunity for you to dig into programming history and learn fundamental and historical code design concerns: code coupling and cohesion.
I will then teach you the project analysis phase, where you will learn to establish the requirements of your project and develop them into use cases scenarios. At this point, you will be equipped with a very solid foundation to start coding.
Next, you will start the code design phase, where, guided by the analysis phase outcome, you will turn use cases into code. At each step of the process, you will be involved in a practice activity where you will be able to reproduce what I’m teaching with your own project.
Finally, I will teach you code readability good practices to help you produce easy to understand code. Quizzes will make sure the notions learned are well solidified into your brain.

Course benefits
At the end of the course, you will have a solid method to tackle any software project. You will be equipped with a systematic way to organize the flow of your code. You will be able to produce clean and readable code structures.
The concepts I teach in this course are so essentials, that you will be able to apply them immediately to ALL your software projects.

Target student
The course is suitable for beginner coders and independent developers. You should have a basic knowledge of any programming language syntax. You should know what are variables, arrays, loops, functions, classes…. but you are struggling to organize them to build a full software.
This course is language agnostic: teaching is applicable to any programming language, preferably object oriented languages. All you need is you own programming language and environment setup to follow the project practice.
Who this course is for:

beginners self-taught coders who want to learn how to write well organized and readable code
beginners self-taught Independent developers

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