Udacity – Intro to Programming Nanodegree v1.0.0 (2018)

Udacity – Intro to Programming Nanodegree v1.0.0 (2018)
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Programming knowledge is indispensable in today’s world, and learning to code is one of the most valuable and useful things you can do. Whether you’re launching a career, advancing a career, or just excited to learn a new skill, there is no time like the present to start learning, and this program offers everything you need to get up to speed-with no prior programming skills required.


Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 01_Welcome to the Nanodegree
Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 02_Nanodegree Orientation
Part 01-Module 02-Lesson 01_The World Wide Web
Part 01-Module 02-Lesson 02_HTML Basics
Part 01-Module 02-Lesson 03_Making Your First Project
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 01_Getting Focused
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 02_Creating a Structured Document
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 03_Work Session HTML Structure
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 04_Adding CSS for Style
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 05_Work Session CSS Practice
Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 06_Making Your Stylish Web Page
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 01_Getting Set Up with Python
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 02_Introduction to Serious Programming
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 03_Work Session Basic Debugging
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 04_Variables & Strings
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 05_Work Session String Manipulation
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 06_Input – Function – Output
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 07_Work Session Print vs Return
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 08_Control Flow If Statements & While Loops
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 09_Deep Debugging
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 10_Work Session Mad Libs Generator
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 11_Structured Data Lists & For Loops
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 12_How to Solve Problems
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 13_Work Session Mad Libs Continued
Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 14_Code Your Own Quiz
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 01_Getting Started
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 02_Mini-Project Take a Break
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 03_Mini-Project Secret Message
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 04_Mini-Project Draw Turtles
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 05_Mini-Project Send a Text
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 06_Mini-Project Profanity Editor
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 07_Movie Website Creation
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 08_Advanced Class Making
Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 09_Create a Movie Website
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 01_Discover Your Path
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 02_Front-End Programming
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 03_Back-End Programming
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 04_Mobile Programming
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 05_Data Analysis Programming
Part 05-Module 01-Lesson 06_Reverse Engineer Project Compass
Part 06-Module 01-Lesson 01_Completing the Program
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to Front-End Programming
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 02_Getting Up and Running
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 03_Data Types in javascript
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 04_Problem Set Document Object Model
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 05_Flow Control in javascript
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 06_Problem Set Predicting Results & Challenge Problems
Part 07-Module 01-Lesson 07_Online Resume Project
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to Back-End Development
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 02_Data and Tables
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 03_Elements of SQL
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 04_Python DB-API
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 05_Deeper into SQL
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 06_Tournament Database
Part 08-Module 01-Lesson 07_Tournament Results Project
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 01_Data Analyst Path Intro
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 02_Setting up Anaconda
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 03_Setting up Jupyter Notebook
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 04_Dictionaries
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 05_Data Analysis Process
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 06_NumPy and Pandas for 1D Data
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 07_NumPy and Pandas for 2D Data
Part 09-Module 01-Lesson 08_Investigate a Dataset
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to Android
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 02_Building Layouts
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 03_Building Layouts Continued
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 04_Practice Set Building Layouts
Part 10-Module 01-Lesson 05_Build a Single Screen App
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to iOS
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 02_Kickoff
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 03_Using Objects
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 04_Variables
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 05_Writing Structs and Properties
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 06_Operators and Expressions
Part 11-Module 01-Lesson 07_Pirate Fleet

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