Tuts+ Premium – Advanced Photo Manipulation Part 2

Tuts+ Premium - Advanced Photo Manipulation Part 2
[box style=”info”]Title: Tuts+ Premium – Advanced Photo Manipulation Part 2
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Photo-manipulation using Photoshop is so much fun and rewarding, if done right. Instructor Kirk Nelson is back to take you on another creative journey to help you master these image editing techniques.

Introduction 4m
Project Planning 8m
Creating the Sun Texture 12m 54s
Sunny Effects 9m 38s
Planet Textures 10m 8s
Crafting a 3D Planet 13m 54s
Cracking the Planet 13m 52s
Creating an Energy Explosion 11m 36s
Making Space 12m 20s
Basic 3D Shapes 10m 42s
Beyond the Modeling Basics 12m 36s
Basic Texture Development And Mapping 11m 44s
Superstructure Texture Creation 11m 16s
Energy Ring Texture Creation 10m 42s
Rendering and Retouching 16m 16s
Fire the Lasers! 10m 48s
Planet Impact 6m 6s
Additional Effects 11m 32s
More Lasers, More Ships! 14m 4s
Final Touches 7m 40s
Conclusion 3m 24s

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