Tutsplus – Laravel Essentials

Tutsplus – Laravel Essentials

Instructor: Jeffrey Way
Runtime: ~ 4 hours
Released: October 4, 2012
Video Format: MOV
Resolution: 1280×720
Size: 707 MB
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Description :

Laravel has taken the PHP community by storm, with its incredibly expressive syntax, the most powerful Active-Record implementation available, a robust command line tool, and much more. Join Jeffrey Way, as he dig into the framework, and demonstrate how to build web applications with ease!
Course Outline
Welcome — 40s
Welcome to Laravel Essentials — 40s

Getting Started — 28m 39s
Hello Laravel — 4m 59s
Configuration Options and the Database — 4m 31s
Your First Route and View — 6m 10s
Allow Overrides — 3m 45s
External Learning Resources — 4m 26s
Passing Variables to Views — 4m 48s

Blade — 12m 8s
Blade 101 — 5m 47s
Blade 201: Layouts — 6m 21s

Database Access — 49m 20s
Raw Queries — 7m 39s
Fluent Query Builder — 9m 35s
Laravel’s ORM: Eloquent — 14m 22s
Version Control with Migrations — 11m 45s
Generators — 5m 59s

Hands-On Project: URL Shortener — 48m 49s
Setup and the Form — 9m 42s
Query the Database for URLs — 12m 15s
Shortening New URLs — 9m 43s
Validation — 9m 13s
Bonus: Styling — 7m 56s

Controllers — 38m 6s
Registering Controllers — 6m 47s
Restful Controllers — 7m 43s
Defining REST — 10m 52s
Named Routes — 10m 13s
Nested Controllers — 2m 31s

Authentication — 14m 37s
Authentication 101 — 14m 37s

Eloquent 201 — 17m 44s
Eloquent Relationships — 9m 57s
Eager Loading — 7m 47s

Hands-On Project: Snippets — 45m 43s
Pagoda Box — 4m 15s
Creating and Displaying Snippets — 11m 56s
Textarea Tabs and Displaying Snippets — 5m 29s
Forking a Snippet — 4m 34s
Styling With Twitter Bootstrap — 8m 56s
Pushing to Pagoda Box — 5m 32s
Adding Features With Git — 5m 1s

Appendix — 10m 23s
Workflow Tools — 10m 23s

Tutsplus - Laravel EssentialsTutsplus - Laravel Essentials

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