Tutsplus – Easier JavaScript with TypeScript

Tutsplus – Easier JavaScript with TypeScript

Instructor: Jeremy McPeak
Runtime: ~ 4 hours 10mins 8s
Released: February 22, 2013
Video Format: MP4
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Description :

JavaScript is more than 15 years old, and yet, the tools we have to make JavaScript-based development still pales in comparison to the tools of other languages—primarily statically-typed languages. What if we told you that you could write a dialect of JavaScript, use new features found in ECMAScript 6, have great IDE support, and run idiomatic JavaScript in the browser (or server)? Sounds good, right? Then give TypeScript a look. Please note: an understanding of the JavaScript language is assumed in this lesson.
Course Outline
Easier JavaScript With TypeScript–1m 24s
Introduction–1m 24s

Getting Started–20m
The What and Why–6m 8s
Setting Up the Environment–13m 52s

TypeScript Basics–1h 2m 2s
The Type System–13m 52s
Function Parameters–9m 48s
Functions–18m 50s
Objects and Interfaces–19m 32s

Object-Oriented Concepts in TypeScript–1h 31m 22s
Classes–33m 44s
Inheritance–21m 52s
Interfaces Redux–16m 54s
Modules–18m 52s

Organization, Application, and Debugging–1h 16m 20s
Project Organization–16m 22s
Creating a Toolbar–41m 26s
Debugging–18m 32s

Easier JavaScript with TypeScriptEasier JavaScript with TypeScript

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