Treehouse – Implementing Designs for Android

Treehouse - Implementing Designs for Android

Title: Treehouse – Implementing Designs for Android
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In this project we will see how to implement a clean and refreshing flat design for the Ribbit app from Build a Self-Destructing Message Android App. We will start out by implementing custom login and sign up screens, and then we will heavily customize the ListViews and the rest of the app, including using a custom theme and styles. Finally we’ll add a few improvements to the app like pull-to-refresh in the Inbox and getting Gravatar images for users.

Starting with Design Mockups

Let’s see what we are going to build! We will start by reviewing design mockups from one of our Treehouse designers. Then we will take the code for the basic Ribbit app from the Build a Self-Destructing Message App project and start customizing the user interface. We’ll talk about the common Android problem of supporting multiple screens of different densities, and then we’ll set a custom launcher icon for the app.

Customizing the Login Screen

We will start the major modifications by changing the login screen to match our mockups. We will see how to change the appearance and position of different views as well as how to hide the Action Bar from the top of the screen.

Using Custom Styles and Themes

Now we are going to update the Sign Up screen based on the work we did for the Login screen. We will add reusable styles and set a theme for our app so that UI customizations can be applied to multiple elements. We will also take a quick peek at how to provide alternate layouts for tablets.

Customizing the Action Bar

We’ve seen how to hide the Action Bar, but now we’ll see how to change the different elements of it, from the background color to tabs to the overflow menu.

Customizing a ListView for the Inbox

Our inbox view looks quite different than the default view we are currently using. We’ll add a background color and then update our custom layout to include more information.

Customizing a GridView for Friends

A lot of our app has been designed to display items in a grid. In this stage we will see how GridViews related to ListViews and set one up for the Friends screen. We will also see how to download and display user images from Gravatar using email addresses.

Updating Other GridViews

Now we’ll apply our GridView customizations to the other screens in our app. We need to indicate if items in a GridView are checked or not, so we’ll see how to modify the code we used for ListViews to do this with a custom checkmark overlay image.

Adding Push Notifications from

The last thing we will add to Ribbit is “push” notifications, where users will be notified when new messages are available. We will use the push notification system available in Parse because it allows for easy cross-platform messaging.

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