TRAFFIC – Low Poly Pretextured Vehicles

TRAFFIC – Low Poly Pretextured Vehicles
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TRAFFIC – Low Poly Pretextured Vehicles contains 60 photorealistic, low polygon 3D vehicle models with textures already applied. The high-resolution textures give the low poly vehicle models the look of large, conventional 3D models with polygon counts upwards to ten times the polygon count and usually costing at least ten times the price. The TRAFFIC models enable scene efficiency, faster rendering times and ease of use. The models are great for architectural visualizations, movie FX, computer games and any 3D application requiring low poly count with high detail. Because of the TRAFFIC models’ hierearchical structures, they can also be animated, with wheels that turn and spin. In addition to presenting the TRAFFIC models individually, they are also presented in groups to fit various parking configurations.

The 60 TRAFFIC models are divided into four categories. The category and number included in each are: * 6 Sedans * 2 Suburban Utility Vehicles (SUVs) * 1 Pickup Truck * 1 Station Wagon Each TRAFFIC category is presented in six body colors, differentiated by detailed, high-resolution texture maps. Each model contains between 2,000 to 2,500 polygons and can be divided into the following hierarchical levels: * Vehicle Body * Vehicle Interior * Individual Wheels with Tires * Vehicle Glass * Pickup Bed (Pickup only) The TRAFFIC models are presented both individually and in groups. The individual models are presented in separate subfolders within the "3D Models" folder, according to vehicle type (Sedan, SUV, Pickup, Station Wagon). The grouped models are located in the "Parking" folder and are arranged in standard parking patterns that can be quickly used to fill parking lot areas. FILE FORMATS AND TEXTURES The following file formats are provided for each TRAFFIC model: * .MAX * .3DS * .OBJ * .LWO According to our research, these model formats can be imported by 90% of today’s 3D software users. In addition to the 3D file formats provided, the texture maps for each model are located in the appropriate vehicle folder

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