The Ultimate Android Privacy Course – Get 100% rid of Google | Udemy

The Ultimate Android Privacy Course – Get 100% rid of Google | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
In this course we’ll guide you through the process of creating the best-possible privacy setup on your Android device.

Welcome to the Android privacy course! In this course we will teach you everything about creating the best possible privacy setup on your Android device. Not only do we endorse privacy, but this course is build around a couple of key values: privacy, open-source software, freedom of speech, and if possible: decentralization.

I’d like to start saying that this course is for everyone, no matter how bad your knowledge of the internet, computers and technology is. Privacy is a basic human right and so my belief is that this should be available for everyone.

In this modern day and age, privacy is something that has disappeared. You’ve probably heard people say things like “you don’t have privacy anymore”, while their face expression tells you it’s a lost case. Well.. I’m hear to tell you that’s not the case, but privacy is not just some on/off switch, there are a lot of different variables coming into play.

The first part of the course is focusing on the violation of our privacy and the definition of privacy itself. Why would you even want or need it? Is it even possible to maintain your privacy in today’s day and age? Later on the course we will focus on solutions, without the need to go and buy a new phone. It’s even better: your phone will feel like it’s brand new! Better privacy also means more battery life. Gone with all the bloatware and tracking! Start the course by clicking on the course introduction down below.

Who this course is for:
People with normal computer experience – no further technological knowledge required. Privacy is for everyone!

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