The Decal

The Decal
English | Tutorial | Size: 6.8GB

Creating Custom Decals for Games ︱ In-Depth Tutorial Course

Learn how a professional environment artist works when creating custom decals using various techniques that can be used in-game engines. You will learn how to create everything from procedural decals to hand-painted to sculpted, Normal map only & POM decals, image-based decals, and much more!

We will cover various topics in this tutorial course, but the main ones are as followed:
* Creating procedural leak decals using Substance Designer.
* Creating Hand Painted leak decals using Substance Painter
* Create edge damage and welding decals using Zbrush and Marmoset
* Creating road cracks and pothole decals using Substance designer
* Creating POM decals in Unreal Engine which stands for parallax occlusion mapping. It is a technique that uses height maps to make decals feel like they are made from geometry.
* Creating image-based decals
* Creating normal-map only decals that you can use on terrains
* Setting up various decal materials in unreal engine 5
* Using atlases with decals to optimize your scene
* Showcasing how to use decals in your levels

And so much more.

The general takeaway of this course is that in the end, you will have the knowledge on how to create a wide variety of decals to use for your games so that you no longer feel limited in your decal creation.

This course contains over 5+ hours of content – You can follow along with every single step – This course has been done 100% in real-time except for a few small time-lapses for very repetitive tasks.

This course will come with all source files except for the showcase environment used in the images.

This game art tutorial is perfect for students who have familiarity with Unreal Engine & Substance – Everything in this tutorial will be explained in detail. However, if you have never touched Unreal Engine or Substance Designer/Painter before, then we recommend that you first watch an introduction course

* Unreal Engine 5
* Substance Painter
* Substance Designer
* Zbrush
* Marmoset Toolbag 4
* Photoshop

Emiel Sleegers is a senior environment artist and owner of FastTrack Tutorials. He’s worked on games like The Division 2 + DLC at Ubisoft, Forza Horizon 3 at Playground Games, and as a Freelancer on multiple projects as an Environment Artist and Material Artist. Next to this he is also the owner of a tutorial publishing brand called FastTrackTutorials.

There’s a total of 12 videos split into easy-to-digest chapters.
All the videos will have logical naming and are numbered to make it easy to find exactly the ones you want to follow.

Subtitles are offered for this tutorial in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.
Please note the subtitles are auto-generated and might not always be 100% accurate.

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