The Complete Oracle SQL Language Course 2021 | Udemy

The Complete Oracle SQL Language Course 2021 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Oracle SQL language
Writing and analyzing any simple or complex queries
Describe the structure of any tables available in any database
Retrieving data from databases.
Updating existing data in database
Deleting or Truncating data
Inserting new data to database
Managing transactions
Creating, deleting and altering database objects like table, view, sequence
RDBMS concept
Working with sequences
Working with views
Avoid common mistakes

This course designed for those who is novice or someone who want’s to increase his knowledge in SQL.

You will not just learn SQL, but also experience every subject with practical examples.

With step by step examples and technical information in every tutorial you will gain all the skills that is required to become a well-paid professional SQL developer.

If you are tired of looking for information about SQL on the internet then this course is for you. Just less than 5 hours training you will be able to say that I’m a SQL developer.

No prior programming experience required to join the course. All you need is a computer and access to internet to download and install oracle development environment your local machine. These steps also includes tutorials that describes how to do all these.

Just with a few little steps you will be able to start developing in oracle environment.

In the course you will learn how to create, alter, drop tables, views, sequences. you will learn how to retrieve data from databases and restrict retrieved data.

You will see how to update, delete, drop, sort rows in tables.

With functions you will see how to customize output, group rows for specific conditions.

it doesn’t end with all these.

Linking two or more tables and writing joins will no longer be problem for you.

Basically, every topic from basic to advanced explained with examples. So even understanding most difficult topic will come easy to you.

Who this course is for:
Students from any level
It doesn’t matter if your are a novice or a middle level student who wants to increase his skills and experiences in SQL. This course is for you.

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