The Complete Linux Shell Script Bootcamp | Udemy

The Complete Linux Shell Script Bootcamp | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understand the role of all special characters used by the shell
Correct use of quotation marks including the difference between single and double quotation marks
find and xargs
Understanding the difference between shell and environment variables
Linux essential commands(tr, sort, seq, cat, hexdump, cut, uniq, tee, echo, printf, read, wc, comm)
Using EXPORT correctly for your purpose
Difference between function and alias
Create an automated scripting schedule
4 ways to run the script
3 effective ways to debug scripts
Heredocument and Hearstring
Regular expressions and grep, sed
Writing BASH shell scripts like a hacker

This lecture provides a quick explanation of the tricky bash shell grammar of Linux, such as quotation marks, pipes, and redirections, and presents a procedural method of shell coding.

This will make it an opportunity to have a strong confidence in the development of the Linux environment.

In the modern computing environment, Linux has long been an important mainstream with Windows.

Linux is no longer exclusive to hackers, and many developers are asked to develop in the Linux environment.

Artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, IoT, and other future technologies are all created on the basis of the Linux environment.

Numerous open sources are first tested and supported on Linux.

§ The Linux shell is like a Swiss Army knife for developers

For server-side JavaScript, Python and other languages, the development environment is actually a shell.

Many engineers have realized that direct access to simple command line tools can be very efficient when working.

In order to use modern programming languages, you can manage dependency management and packaging on a shell-based basis.

The shell provides users with a common environment and interface that anyone can access without installing complex components.

The diversity of programming languages and developer tools has increased, but in many ways the operating platform used by engineers has been rather simplified.

§ Many corporate customers have moved from Unix to the Linux platform

Engineers expect Docker to make the operating environment much more uniform and Linux-like.

For containerized tasks, Linux and shell skills are important.

“This has led to increased interest in shells”

For open source, it is often built to run in a container on Linux.

The shell is now the most common way to manage Linux systems, and as many developers standardize Linux systems as operating environments, shell technology has become even more important.

DevOps, the main flow of modern software development methods, is where a single group is responsible for both, instead of one group focusing on functional development and the other focusing on reliable software operation.

§ Automation is closely tied to shell scripting.

Many tasks that require automation can be easily handled using shell scripts.

If you can’t script it, you can’t automate it, and automation is essential to operating increasingly complex systems.

ps. Shell scripts were used for filming, editing, and uploading this video. †

§ This lecture was produced for the same purpose as above.

Having been using shell scripts for over 10 years, I know what is difficult and what is important.

To be good at shell scripts in Linux you need two elements

First, you need to be familiar with the shell syntax.

Special characters can be used for different functions depending on where they are used.

For example, the redirection symbols < > are also used in test statements.

Also, in the case of quotation marks, single quotation marks and double quotation marks must be used separately, but it is easy to fail if you do not pay attention to the command when it is linked.

Second, you need to remember about 20 to 30 essential commands of Linux, even options.

The reason this is necessary is when you quickly construct a workflow using the pipe symbol, you will need to come up with a suitable command to use it.

We have to immediately decide whether to use cut, tr, or curly brace expansion.

“I made the video with care to make it as easy to understand as possible for beginners to Linux”

Basic terms are explained using a rich subtitle system and animations so that you can follow the class without difficulty.

Who this course is for:
Linux server administrator
Those who study artificial intelligence and autonomous driving
Cloud computing based developer
Embedded Linux Developer
Who wants to hack
Those who want to deal with Linux well
If you want to create an automation program on your Mac
Those who need to create workflows such as NAS server, cpdf, imagemagick, ffmpeg, etc.

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