The Complete Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals Course | Packt

The Complete Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals Course | Packt
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You will gain a strong understanding of Hyperledger Fabric
Understand how Hyperledger Fabric can be used in various industry sectors
Learn core Hyperledger Fabric concepts such as Identity and Membership, ledgers, chaincode, private data, architectures, and so on
Understand the Gossip protocol
Learn about various topics with the help of examples that have been explained thoroughly
Get in-depth knowledge of key Hyperledger Fabric concepts
Welcome to The Complete Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals course. People have heard about Hyperledger Fabric, but they don’t know what it is. This course has been designed in such a way that you will gain a thorough understanding of how Hyperledger Fabric Technology is used as a solution to various industry-wide problems. This very comprehensive course explains all the basics of Hyperledger Fabric in a simplest very easy-to-understand way. This course is not for developers; instead, it clarifies all the basic concepts of Hyperledger Fabric. Our upcoming course for Hyperledger developers will explain how Hyperledger Composer works.

What we cover in this course:

• Overview of different projects under the Hyperledger umbrella

• Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

• Key functionalities offered by Hyperledger Fabric

• Key concepts of Hyperledger Fabric

• Certificate authorities and membership service provider

• Committing peers, endorsing peers, and orderers

• Channels and private data collections

• Transaction and endorsement flow

• Hyperledger Fabric architecture

• Endorsement policies

• Gossip protocol

We2Blocks is a Blockchain consultation and training company with a global presence. With this course, we aim to promote Blockchain and create an environment where people interested in Blockchain can learn and expand their knowledge.

No prior experience is required. Anyone who wishes to learn about Hyperledger Fabric will benefit from this course.
This course is not for developers; instead, it clarifies all the basic concepts of Hyperledger Fabric.

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