The Complete C++ Course 2022: From Zero to Expert! | Udemy

The Complete C++ Course 2022: From Zero to Expert! | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Why C++ is a standard in software development
How to enter, compile, and link your first working C++ program
What’s new in C++
You will be able to write real world program

The Complete C++ Course 2022: From Zero to Expert! Is a course designed for everybody. To learn this course you don’t need any previous experience in programming, the course start from the very beginners level and teach you the basic of C++ language and programming concept. I will teach you everything from scratch to advanced, you will learn C++ from “A” to “Z”. First the course will teach you the C++ programming fundamentals, from beginners level to intermediate and then Advanced level, the main aim of this course is to teach everybody C++ programming language, after you done this course, I can grantee you that this course equipped you with a minimum of basic C++ programming knowledge and skill.

Who will take this course?

All programming enthusiasts(Engineers, Medical Doctors, Highschool and University students of natural or social science field of studies), as well as beginners of computer science or computer engineers and other field of science with any educational level can take the course without any difficulty. The aim of this course is to transfer everybody from zero C++ programming level to Advanced C++ professional programmer level.

Should I learn C programming first?

No, you don’t need to learn C programming first. C++ is much more power full and self-sufficient. This course does not assume that students are familiar with C programming language.

Course Approach

The approach is 100% practical, in this course you will write more than 100 real world programing code that can perform specific tasks like; calculating students grade, calculating income Tax, updating files, write a program to create small game, are some of your projects in the course, after this course you will have more confidence with C++ programming.

Why Should I Learn C++?

You could be learning a lot of other languages, but C++ is valuable to learn because it has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for modern programming. Despite being created in 1979, C++ is still being used for professional software today because of the power and flexibility of the language. C++ gives you portable skills that you can use on just about any platform on the market today, from desktop computers to Linux servers, mobile devices, videogame consoles, and mainframes.

Shall I Earn a Certificate?

When you finish the course and complete the test, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

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