The Complete Blockchain Professional Course

The Complete Blockchain Professional Course
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The Complete Blockchain Professional Course
Learn in depth about the Fundamentals of Blockchain, Blockchain Architecture and various Blockchain Use Cases.

What you’ll learn
You will have a strong understanding about what Blockchain is
Able to understand how Blockchain is being used in various sectors of the industries
Know the step wise process which is required for designing a Blockchain solution
Learn about various types of Consensus Mechanisms
Understand the Blockchain Architecture
Learn about where we can utilize Blockchain with the help of the potential Use Cases

Learn Blockchain from the industry experts!

Learn the key concepts of Blockchain in depth and in the most simplest terms.

Welcome to the Complete Blockchain Professional Course. People have heard about Blockchain but they don’t know what it is. This course has been designed in such a way that you will get a thorough understanding of how the Blockchain Technology is being used as a solution to various problems being faced by the industries. This is a very comprehensive course which explains all the basics and fundamentals of Blockchain in the simplest way.

In 2018, the rise in jobs in the Blockchain sector has been 7000%. For every 14 jobs in the USA, there is only 1 person who is available to take up the job in Blockchain.

What you will you get with this course:

In order to make this course more interactive, we have provided various quizzes as a part of the modules. You will get more clarity and will be able to master all the important topics related to Blockchain.

What we cover in this course:

What is Blockchain?

The difference between Blockchain & other technologies

How a Blockchain transaction works

Types of Blockchains present in the market

Consensus mechanisms being used in Blockchain

Industry challenges being faced by Blockchain and much more

Bonus material we provide:

Various use cases have been provided to understand how Blockchain works in practical scenarios

We have provided various quizzes at the end of each module for a better understanding of Blockchain

A peek at the future developments in the Blockchain technology

Guide to create your own Blockchain ecosystem

We2Blocks is a Blockchain Consultation and Training Company having a global presence. With this course we aim to promote Blockchain and create an environment for people interested in Blockchain to learn and expand their knowledge.

Who this course is for:
Developers curious to learn about Blockchain
Students curious to learn about Blockchain
Architects curious to learn about Blockchain
Consultants curious to learn about Blockchain
Industries curious to learn about various Blockchain Use Cases
Managers curious to build Blockchain systems
People curious to start their career in Blockchain

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