The Complete Agile Scrum Fundamentals Course + Certification | Udemy

The Complete Agile Scrum Fundamentals Course + Certification | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Apply Scrum your projects
Deliver value to the business with Scrum
Deliver projects faster with Scrum
Master the different Scrum concepts
Master the different Scrum tools
Master the Scrum Values, Scrum Principles and Scrum Pillars
Understand the history of Scrum
Understand the differences between Scrum and traditional Project Management or Waterfall

[EXCLUSIVE] Double Degree, Badges & Community. Upon completing this course you will receive 2 Certificates of Completion and 5 Digital Badges including a Scrum Certified Digital Badge you can add to your CV, LinkedIn Profile or any other online profile & access to the most dynamic Scrum Community in the world.

The one of a kind, most complete and comprehensive Scrum Fundamentals Course you can find on the market covering everything you need to know to hit the ground running with Agile Scrum Project Management: the Scrum Rituals, Scrum Fundamentals, Scrum Principles, Scrum Tools, Scrum Arifacts and the key Scrum concepts; including real world examples and templates. Plus a ton of freebies.

It is also a practical course where you learn from real world examples and are given the opportunity to apply what you have learnt in practice. You are also able to join a vibrant community of students like you from all over the world and participate in interactive Q&A sessions that allow you to learn from others and their experiences.

This course has been designed with a focus on quality and simplicity making it ideal for Beginners or for those looking for a refresher on Scrum. It takes you through an engaging educational experience covering everything you need to know about Scrum or the A to Z as I call it.

How will this help you?

You will become Scrum Certified after taking this course (you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can include in your CV).

Who is behind this course?

An Agile Guru and Scrum expert who has lead multi million dollar projects for some of the world’s leading companies across all continents. He’s also the founder of AgileKB & author of The Mini Book of Agile, available on Amazon. Please refer to the Instructor Bio for more details about his unique profile and experience.

This course is specifically for:


People who want to learn about Scrum

People looking for a Scrum Certification

Project Managers, Developers, BAs, Architects, Analysts, Designers, Managers, etc.

This course is not suitable for:

People who prefer quantity over quality

Scrum experts or advanced Scrum students


What are the advantages of Agile Scrum Project Management?

You will be able to deliver projects quickly, on time, on track and on budget

It’s a lot faster than traditional Project Management methodologies

It creates a culture of results orientation, collaboration and teamwork with a focus on excellence

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