Test Automation Robot Framework with Python – Selenium Tests | Udemy

Test Automation Robot Framework with Python – Selenium Tests | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understand key concepts and principles of Robot Framework to design Powerful Test Automation Ecospace
Ability to build Selenium Automation Tests in Robot Framework standards with very minimal code
Understand building API test Scripts in Robot Framework with examples on CRUD Operations
Building Custom keywords of Robot Framework with Python functions to build Test utilities
Generating Rich HTML reports, Logging, Screeshots on Failure features with Robot Framework
Implement Parameterization, Data driven and many customized features to Automation Scripts with Robot Framework
Integrating the Robot Framework with CI/CD Jenkins with different Parameterized builds

Your struggle on designing Test Automation Frameworks ends here. Presenting you the only framework in the Market which is faster and easy to design with very less code. – “Robot Framework”

This Framework consists of all the features what (Cucumber + TestNG) provides. This Framework by default comes with many Libraries which helps to build automation tests without writing much boilerplate code. Additionally you also have ability to build your custom Libraries with Python code.

It’s just not about Libraries, this powerful Automation framework automatically provides Rich HTML reports, Logging, Screenshots on failure and many more without writing single piece of code…

This course mainly focus on how to design Selenium UI Tests (80%) with Robot Framework and also touches on writing API tests (20%) on high level with Robot Framework. Python is the language chosen to design the Framework as Python is widely used choice for Robot Frameworks

You can comfortably follow this course without having python basics as well. There is dedicated Section at the end of this course to brush up on Python Basics.

Below is the high level content on what this course covers

Installation and Configuration of Robot Framework

Designing Selenium UI Tests with Robot Frameworks

How to build custom Robot keywords using Python

End to end In depth examples of UI Automation with Selenium Libraries of Robot

Data driven testing from CSV files to automated tests

Implementing Framework Parameterization with data sets to run tests

Executing tests in parallel with Robot Framework

Automatic generation of rich HTML reports with logging for test execution results

Automation screenshot capture of test failures for Selenium Web tests with Robot framework

Command Line execution of Robot tests with various Flag parameters

Selective test execution using tagging & filters in the framework

Integrating the Robot Framework with CI/CD Jenkins tool

Implementing Parameterized Jenkins build to control test execution parameters

Performing API testing with Robot Framework

Understand how to construct Json requests and responses with Robot Dictionary keywords

Building API tests with all CRUD operations ( GET, POST, DELETE)

Running API Robot Framework tests on Jenkins CI/CD tool

Wish you all Good luck and see you in the course 🙂

Who this course is for:
Automation testers
QA/Software testers



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