Terraform for Beginners using GCP – Google Cloud (Hands-on) | Udemy

Terraform for Beginners using GCP – Google Cloud (Hands-on) | Udemy [Update 11/2021]
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What you’ll learn
Provision Google cloud resources with Terraform script
Get hands-on about Hashicorp configuration language
Create infrastructure for compute, storage network and Database product in GCP
Create infrastructure by writing code in HCL
Deploy Storage & database infrastructure using Terraform
Create VM, HostApp with RUN, & Deploy services as function
Provision networking resources VPC, Subnet & Firewall with HCL

Google Cloud Platform GCP is Fastest growing Public cloud & Terraform is the most popular Infrastructure provisioning tool inside various public cloud – GCP.

Do you want to learn Terraform – HCL

Do you want to deploy database, Create Virtual Machine, Storage Creation.

All infrastructure creation via easy to learn HCL Language rather than Shell Script or Python (Hard way).

If Yes, You are at right place.

So, I created most practical comprehensive course – Terraform For Beginners using GCP

This course has 8+ Hours of insanely great video content with Lots-of hands-on Lab (Most Practical Course)

Learning Terraform is the best to invest your time and energy as Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps Engineer to build Resources.

I am all exited to help you on your journey towards Terraform using GCP.


Why Enroll in this course?

I believe in learning by doing and it’s very much practical course

80% Practical’s + 20% Theory – Highly Practical course

Covers all major topics related to Terraform Installation, basics, Compute, Storage, Database

Minimum on Slides + Maximum on HCL Code


Have a look at course curriculum, to see depth of Course coverage.

Major Theme of this certification course are:


1. IAC, Terraform & Installation

In this module what is IAC – Infrastructure as code, Why to need some better way to provision resource in GCP,

Bash Scripting or Python/JAVA code is not way to create resources inside public cloud.

Introduction to terraform tool & How to install it.


2. Terraform Basics

In this module I will teach all basics – minimum required concept of HCP – Hashicorp Configuration language to start provisioning resource inside Google Cloud.

Concept Covered : Terraform Workflow, init, Plan, Apply, local_file, Random Provider, Variables, Dependency, Output Block, Lifecycle Rules, Provider Version, Data Source


3. GCP Resource Provisioning

In this module I will teach you How to create all major GCP services creation via terraform – HCL

Many of course are AWS/Azure Oriented, This is one course which focus on GCP – Google Cloud.

GCP Environment Project Setup & Authentication method – Service account

Networking Resources –

Create VPC


Compute & Serverless Product –

Create VM,

Deploy Micro services as Function,

Host your Web app With Cloud Run

Storage & Database Product –

Create Bucket & Upload Object

Provision SQL Database : MYSQL & Spanner instance

Create BigTable – Memorystore instance

BigQuery Table & dataset creation

Create Topic & Subscription inside Pubsub via Terraform HCL


This course also comes with:

Lifetime access to all course material & updates

Q&A Section

A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – “No Questions Asked”

Udemy Certificate of Completion

So, What are you waiting for, Enroll NOW and I will see you inside course.


Ankit Mistry

Who this course is for:
Anyone who want to learn Terraform
Those who want to provision GCP resources with HCL Terraform
Cloud engineer – Infrastructure engineer who want to learn how to create GCP infrastructure with Terraform



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